I have been dying to make over my sewing chair for so long and I’ve finally done it! I wanted to use this fun “marsha brady” fabric and some pom pom garland! I just love the look, it’s so fun!! The bottom is tied around the back with ribbons.

I made this set of gun sleeves for a special Christmas gift!!  I found a simple pattern to make your own here.  They are fully padded!  The outside is canvas cloth and the inside is 100% cotton flannel.  Nice & soft!  If you want me to make one for you, let me know!  Makes a great gift for the hunter in your life!


I made my own pattern weights! I made a set of 6 and their filled with BB’s! I thought I might write a tutorial but the one I found is so great there’s no need to re-do it! Here is the link to the DIY Pattern Weight tutorial by Positively Splendid.


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