My Mom found a couple of sets of old vintage sheets in a back closet!! Yippee! What a great find (at least for me!!) I couldn’t wait to cut them up to make some pretty things! The first thing I made was a monogrammed pillow for each of us! {Full tutorial with pics coming soon! Subscribe to my blog or follow me on Facebook} If you are interested in a pillow like this I can make you one with regular (brand new) fabric!  I’ve used up most of the sheets already making stuff you’ll get to see soon!!





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For now, if you see something you like, simply send me a message and I'll get right back with you. Either on the Doodle Clouds Facebook page, or on the Contact Form here on the website. Either way, I'll get them both instantly, proly on my phone!! Thanks so much! Online shopping will be available soon!!
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